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LRB to keep its original name


LRB would retain its original name for its future performances. At least this much can be confirmed according to the manager of the band Shamim Ahmed. In an eventful April the band has seen many tides till now. First it was revealed that popular singer and guitarist Balam would play as frontman in the place of late Ayub Bachchu in the band. Ten days later the band decided to change its very name to 'Balam and the Legacy' following requests from the family members of Ayub Bachchu to not to continue with the name Ayub Bachchu had found.  With a claim to honour that request and the memory of Ayub Bachchu the band changed its name. But this sparked a furor in social media by Ayub Bachchu fans. The debacle was divided between those who blamed the family for their adverse request on one side and those who blamed the band for deciding to move with Balam on the other side.

The two parties-band members and family members accused each other for not consulting before taking decisions about the band. About taking in Balam family members argued that they were not contacted for discussion and the band defended saying that they simply wanted to move forward with the band like Ayub Bachchu himself wanted in his lifetime. If one member departs for any reason, another has to be drawn in to fill the gap, the band had contended.

Thus Ayub Bachchu fans requested both parties to settle down and resolve the matter peacefully. Many even personally attacked the family of Ayub Bachchu. This prompted Tazwar son of Ayub Bachchu to claim in a facebook post that he, his mother and his sister have no problem if the band continues with its original name.

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