International Mime Festival concludes


The International Mime Festival held for the second consecutive time in the University of Dhaka, recently ended in city. Like the previous year TVCS and Dhaka University Mime Action (DUMA) organised this year’s festival. Among a number of facts the most attractive one was an attempt to clinch a world record. DUMA envisioned having around a thousand participants to herald its name with their specialized shirts on. The shirts with logo of DUMA were distributed for free. The Guiness World Record authority though had demanded only two hundred and fifty participants, DUMA pledged for more from its fans to draw attention. They have claimed to fulfilled the requirement and are waiting for the estimated sixteen weeks before the record is finally credited to them, said a spokesperson of DUMA to this correspondent.

The organising party Dhaka University Mime Action staged their second production in the festival. Apart from them other troupes selected to perform at the festival---Pantomime Movement, Rangan Mime Academy, Silent Theatre, Bengal Theatre, Black Frame and Sruti Mime Theatre. The closing ceremony was highlighted by the presence of popular actor Misha Sawdagor. Among others present were lawmaker Nixon Chowdhury, pro-Vice Chancellor of University of Dhaka Dr Nasreen Ahmed.

This year’s festival has become a global event just like the previous one due to the participation of countries like Japan, Iran, Germany, Nepal, USA and India. Beside at least one troupe from each of these countries fifteen troupes based in Bangladesh have taken part in this year’s festival. The opening day saw performances by most of these countries as America’s New Mime Theatre, India’s Shoma Mime Theatre, Germany’s Nemo Mime, Japan’s Shilpidoy performed. Dhaka University Mime Action also performed on this day.

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