The concert sphere in Dhaka has been celebrating a handful of great events after the deadly and prolonged hiatus due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Music lovers and concertgoers in this city always welcomed global and international artists with open arms; however, in recent times there had been some mismanagement issues which greatly impacted the audiences. Hypothetically, a 'Magical Night' was needed to set a refreshing tone in the concert sphere, and Triple Time Communication was able to invite and gather some of those few, iconic music artists who are heavily admired in both the Bengals for being able to create magical performances, under the same roof on this Thursday (July 6) night.

The concert, titled 'Magical Night' offered a lucrative line-up featuring popular music unit Hatirpool Sessions, the 'creative marvel' band known as Meghdol and the mesmerizing magician Arnob from Bangladesh - alongside uber popular music artist Anupam Roy and the highly admired duo Pritam Das and Suman Ghosh, collectively known as Taalpatar Shepai, from West Bengal, India.

Right after the rain-drenched afternoon on Thursday, the concert began at the International Convention Centre Bashundhara (ICCB)'s Hall-4, the staple venue for concerts in Dhaka - with some of the popular tracks of Hatirpool Sessions from 5 pm onwards. Beginning with their popular song "Monohor" - they went on to performing "Tulonamulok Rodchaya", "Anondo Dao", their most popular "Upo", and last but not the least - "Shohorer Duita Gaan".

Meghdol came after that and once again, the band proved why it should be called a 'creative marvel' among all Bangladeshi bands. They began their presentation with their amazing track "Esho Amar Shohore" and "Na Bola Phul", followed by one of the iconic creations of the band showcased in the ongoing season two of Coke Studio Bangla - "Bonobibi". Their voyage continued with majestic songs such as "Nirbaan", "ThikThak" and of course, "E Hawa" which revitalized their reputation from the film 'Hawa' - a majestic creation by Meghdol's founding member Mejbaur Rahman Sumon.

The new generation uber-popular duo Taalpatar Shepai performed next, presenting four of their popular tracks "Chander Shohor", "Ogochhalo Mon", "Sonar Kathi" and "Moshader Chumu". Their rhythmic and cordial performance was wrapped up with "Ami Sudhu Khujechi Amay" - which made them superstars in both the Bengals. It was hard to believe that this was only their second-ever concert performance in Bangladesh.

Host of the night and popular comedian Amin Hannan Chowdhury created suspense before the next act, initiating a countdown. This was followed by an excellent video intro, and transitioned into an energetic entrance of the forever charming and melodious Anupam Roy. Presenting seven of his most popular tracks back-to-back - "Ami Aajkal Bhalo Aachi", "Benche Thakar Gaan", "Bariye Dao", "Je Kawta Din, Lokkhiti", and "Bandhu Chol", the band left the stage with "Amake Amar Moto Thakte Dao" - the performer, alongside his band, took the mesmerized Dhaka audiences to the time when they might have experienced their first love, heart-breaks, epiphanies and other innate, subconscious emotions. With his every attention-to-details, spontaneously harmonious presentation with guitars, soliloquies between the tracks and overall stage performance from the beginning till the end - made many fans realize why Anupam Roy is reputed and respected as a truly professional and flamboyant stage performer. Although many audience members expressed dissatisfaction over the very limited and rushed duration of his performance, Roy concluded his act with a selfie with their beloved fans to treasure the encounter, after such a top-notch performance at the concert.

The showstopper of the night - the magician known as Arnob, came to the stage with the popular Coke Studio Houseband members. He began his performance with "Tomar Jonno Nilche Tara", followed by his amazing rendition of the Tagore song "Majhe Majhe Tobo Dekha Pai". Coke Studio Bangla's one of the talented back vocalists Rubayat Rehman performed Moheener Ghoraguli's popular track "Dhadhar Thekeo Jotil Tumi" with Arnob, and the magician also surprised the audiences with his tribute performance of "Prithibi ta Naki Chhoto Hote Hote" - another iconic track of Moheener Ghoraguli. Arnob also performed two of his popular songs "Tor Jonno" and "She Je Boshe Achhe" - however, surprising the audience without a single song of his Coke Studio Bangla seasons.

"My main purpose was to witness Arnob live, and it happened. Did I enjoy it? Yes! Did I love it? No! To me, Arnob means just his guitar, probably a cajon arrangement, and him. That's it! Getting on the stage with the Coke Studio Bangla team and not performing any Coke Studio songs was a little weird," said Bushra, a multinational corporate and an ardent fan of the performing artists in the concert.

She added, "The concert itself also suffered because of how the organizers arranged it. They still had people more than the hall could bear. They still couldn't maintain a non-smoking policy in this indoor concert; although, it was a bit better this time to be honest. How they rushed the performers to get done with their performance was another reason. At least the invited Bengali performers could have lived without the timer."

Nonetheless, it was a magical night indeed for the listeners - who once again stood against all odds, to support the mesmerizing creations of all these wonderfully talented music artists.

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