Bangladesh's first-ever artificial intelligence (AI) news anchor, "Aparajita" debuted on Channel 24 on Wednesday night, making history.

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been garnering significant attention in many sectors for the last couple of months with advanced AI mediums such as ChatGPT and Midjourney, to name a few, it has also been occupying the news industry in some countries.

Recently, a private television channel in India named Odisha Television Limited (OTV) introduced an AI newsreader named 'Lisa" on July 9, which is India's first regional AI news anchor.

This was followed by India's Power TV, a Kannada channel, which very recently made a similar groundbreaking move by introducing its very own AI presenter, "Soundarya".

Although the Chinese news agency Xinhua introduced the first-ever AI news presenter in the world back in 2018, India introduced its first AI news presenter, 'Sana" back in April this year, as part of the country's Aaj Tak news channel and also the very first AI news presenter in South Asia.

Besides, a couple of Asian countries, namely China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Kuwait, have also been showcasing AI news presenters as part of their newsrooms.

Coping up with the neighbouring countries in this digital realm, Bangladeshi private television station Channel 24 news presenter Farabi Hafiz introduced 'Aparajita" which joined the 7:00 pm bulletin of the channel where it delivered a news report.

Appearing in a grey suit over a black shirt, "Aparajita" greeted her co-presenters first and then welcomed the audience before presenting her report. She also hosted and presented reports on a half-hour-long technology-based show on the TV channel at 11:00 pm.

Regarding "Aparajita's" inclusion in the news team, Channel 24 Senior News Editor Abdul Qayyum Tuhin said: "Artificial intelligence has brought about many positive benefits. We also want to keep up with the advancements in technology. We have introduced this initiative with that purpose in mind. I believe AI technology will make a difference in our country's history."

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