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‘Emotions of Art’ at Bishwa Sahitya Kendra


A contemporary art exhibition featuring artworks from Bangladesh and India was held at Bishwa Sahitya Kendra in the capital. Organised by Canvas Art Space the exhibition was titled ‘Emotions of Art.’ The exhibition was held between February 20 and 23. Sixteen artists from Bangladesh and India took part in the exhibition.  Participating artists from Bangladesh in the exhibition were-Jamal Ahmed, Dulal Gain, Habiba Akther Papia, Abdus Sattar Toufiq, Zahed A Chowdhury, Dewan Mizan, Sunil Kumar, Shah Mainul Islam and Nasima Masud Ruby. From India Uma Siddhanta, Samir Aich, Atanu Bhattacharya, Sima Ghosh Bhattacharya, Ashis Chatterjee, Biswajit Mitra and Swarnali Biswas.

Jamal Ahmed’s one painting shows two fishermen going to catch fish with their nets on the bank of the river. One fishing boat is also seen plying in a distant place on the river.

Dulal Chandra Gain has been greatly influenced by Cave Painting. Solitude is the vital component of his painting. He upholds a balance between the beastly form and his setting - a balance that explains a sense of desperation. The subjects of his works are in solemn mood and lighting is a prominent focus of his works.

Abdus Sattar set out as a landscape painter but eventually moved to surrealism. The artist feels that various illicit activities-political chaos, murders, corruption, killing, kidnapping and tension all around. The images that he has chosen appear to be taken from reality around him, and combined with surrealistic impressions of hallucinations, dreams and illusions.

Among the Indian participating painters, Samir Aich is not only popular among Indian art aficionados, he is also known in Dhaka art scene. He has taken part in a number of shows in our country. His figural expression based painting denotes mingling distorted animal forms and the lines are very lyrical and the painting has been done spontaneously.

The piece by Atanu Bhattacharya is a black and white composition. The figure seems to be that of a beastly figure with its head held high. However there are no hands or feet.

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