Countries attending this year's Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP27) are yet to decide on some important issues, including financing for vulnerable countries under the "Loss and Damage" programme.

Talking to UNB, Ziaul Haque, a representative of Bangladesh at the conference, said that the developed countries have set 2024 for finalising a structure of the "Loss and Damage" programme.

"We couldn't agree on the primary issue, which is financing for vulnerable countries over climate change-induced losses. No decision has been taken on the length of the mitigation programme to reduce carbon emissions either. I don't think we'll gain much at this year's conference, as the rich countries are busy reaching a consensus on old issues," Ziaul said.

Ziaul added that the COP27 participants are currently preparing the outlines of Global Goal on Adaptation and Loss and Damage programme so that decisions can be taken on them in the next conference.

"Although the issue of adapting to climate change is widely discussed in each conference, no one provides any money as there is a lack of policies. That's why we're working on Global Goal on Adaptation. Hopefully the goal will be finalised in the next conference and then we'll get the money," added Ziaul.

Talking to various Bangladeshi representatives at COP27, UNB learned that there is a chance for the Glasgow-Sharm el Sheikh Work Program on Mitigation to get the final nod. Climate vulnerable countries are pushing for this work program.

The work programme will list which countries need to check carbon emissions first. Besides, a synthesis report on how much carbon is being emitted will also be prepared till 2030 under the programme.

A draft document consisting of 38 paragraphs has been published at COP27 in this regard. The participants are now trying to reduce the number of paragraphs to make it more compact.

At COP27, the staff-level discussions have ended and the minister-level discussions are currently in place. The conference will end on Friday, when the Sharm el-Sheikh decision will be taken as an agreement approved by the ministers of the participating countries.

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