Cycling has always been a popular sport that has had tons of following, but in recent years, many are opting for cycling and for a variety of reasons. Whether it's delivery, fitness or convenience, consumers are starting to see this cost-effective tool that can provide convenience in many aspects of their everyday life. In the world of fitness, cycling has taken form through spin classes, cross-country tours and other forms. How does indoor and outdoor cycling strengthen the immune system? And, what are the benefits of cycling?

Why Is Cycling So Popular Now?


There are many places that people want to go to that is too far to walk, but not worth hopping into the car for, which is where cycling comes in. As a mode of transportation that doesn't have a carbon footprint, the bicycle can easily be taken around town and securely locked at a bicycle lot. When running everyday errands, it can be used easily and bought at an affordable price.


When taking the bicycle for a spin outside of everyday use, the fitness aspect of cycling is not to be scoffed at. Its use in the exercise department is almost as versatile as running and an incredible way to burn calories. Whether it's committing to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or going for marathon-levels of fitness, the bicycle can do it all.


Almost like a progression journey, a community tends to come around when cycling is done frequently and is certainly a key motivator that encourages longevity in the hobby. With the preliminary perk of convenience out the way, communities tend to form around the regularities of cycling which leans more towards a fitness-minded lifestyle. Like many hobbies, communities are effective to spur like-minded individuals onward to hone their craft.

How Does Cycling Keep You Fit?


This is definitely the most obvious benefit to cycling and for good reason. Doing cardio, regardless of the sport, cardio tends to be the best solution for weight loss (other than dieting) and that is enough to get many motivated. Aside from that, cardio ticks many boxes in the health and wellness department; aiding to boost the immune system, strengthening the heart, reducing risks of certain diseases, expanding lung capacity as well as improving sleep. Keeping fit through this form of exercise does a lot of things right, and cycling is one of the more engaging activities that make cardio enjoyable.

Improves Bone Health

The perk that cycling has over running is the ability to avoid putting your body weight on joints. This is massive as overweight individuals or those with pre-existing bone conditions face a tremendous risk of knee damage when going for runs and even slow jogs. With cycling, the pressure on joints becomes less of an issue and can even be seen as a palatable entry point for those who want to get fit but have the aforementioned obstacles to deal with.

Improves Mental Wellness

Mental health is just as important as physical health and cycling, being a form of cardio helps with this significantly. Like many cardio activities, cycling helps release endorphins that boosts the mood. This is a prime motivator that can help to successfully help casual hobbyists find satisfaction when allocating time off work or school. Issues like anxiety and depression will be slowed considerably. Together with mood enhancement comes an improvement of sleep as well - certainly a rewarding addition when picking up the hobby.

Improves the Immune System

More for the outdoors aspect of this activity, cycling does wonders to enhance the body's immune system as a whole. By riding your bicycle regularly and operating some mode of transport, you will be exposing your body to vitamins via sunlight as well as honing your hand-eye coordination skills as you start to master the nuances of your bicycle.

Additionally, eye health is also improved as your vision will be alternating between long and short distances. An added bonus is that you'll be setting time aside away from screens, which are inherently bad for the eyes when overexposed.

Indoor VS Outdoor Cycling

When it comes down to the meat and bones of cycling and its benefits for the body, indoor and outdoor cycling don't vary as much as one might assume. Both have access to resistant-based options to build lower-body strength if needed and both force you to put up a sweat.

One of the biggest differences is the temperature of your atmosphere and how that impacts your cycling experience. Generally, more heat equates to more sweat, which means that going out during a sunny day or heating up a room slightly above room temperature are ways to work towards getting the maximum amount of sweat out. The danger of this is running the risk of overheating and the risks that come from dehydration. Overall, it is a matter of preference, but an important factor to consider nonetheless.

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Posture is also worth noting. The posture for indoor cycling is completely different from using an actual bicycle and having a static machine eliminates shifts in your center of gravity when moving, as the force your weight provides fluctuates when elevated from the seat during a long-distance cycle.

Static cycling puts a halt to this momentum altogether and can be seen as a limiting more rigid alternative, but can do wonders for the body's posture as well. If you are looking to target specific muscle groups, indoor cycling may be the way to go.

Outdoor cycling is a better option for a more universal experience that puts emphasis on working for many muscle groups with more intricate techniques to master.

Benefits of Cycling during Pandemic

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation, immunity is the best shield of human kinds. Regular indoor cycling can help you in maintaining health and fitness without stepping outdoor. Besides enhancing your immunity, cycling can keep you active both physically and emotionally.

And, outdoor cycling can be a safer mode compared with public transport when you need to step outside home to carry out essential activities.

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