Popular actor Riaz Ahmed's father-in-law Abu Mohsin Khan committed suicide by shooting himself in the head while appearing on a live video on Facebook.

The horrific incident took place at his home in the capital's Dhanmondi around 9.15 pm on Wednesday. At the time of his death, he was 56 years old.

Dhanmondi Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Ikram Ali Mia told the media that Abu Mohsin committed suicide with his own licensed gun at his residence.

Abu Mohsin Khan was a businessman by his profession. During that Facebook Live, he talked about his loneliness and several other miseries of his life.

"I am 58 years old, and at one point in my life, I was a very good businessman. I am currently suffering from cancer. So now I have no business or anything else. The purpose of coming live today is to share my experience with you. You may learn a lot from this experience, and I want you to be careful," Abu Mohsin Khan said during that live video.

He continued, "My aunt has recently passed away on January 30th. She had a son who lives outside of the country, but did not return after receiving the news of his mother's death. This incident has moved me and made me very sad, as I also have a son who lives in Australia, and I am also currently living completely alone in my house."

"I have been scared since the demise of my aunt. I have a feeling that if I die in my house, I don't think anyone would know in a week. Altogether these are the reasons behind this live video," he added.

Mohsin then said, "The lion's share of what parents earn is spent on their children. Real parents try to feed their children without having food for themselves, try to give their everything to the family. However, sometimes the family members do not want to understand the sacrifice. I am not being able to adjust myself to these situations anymore. This is my last meeting with those who are watching."

Mohsin then shot himself in the head with a pistol while reciting the Kalema. Showing the license of his weapon, he said, "It's not illegal, it's licensed and has also been renewed. I'm leaving."

In that 16 minute-long Facebook Live, he also made a detailed statement directing how and where he wishes to be buried. "Relatives who are there, do not bury me in the cemetery that I made, as my father did not give me the place. There is a graveyard at Mohammadpur Beribadh, bury me there. Everyone cheated on me. My father, mother, brothers, everyone, everyone."

Abu Mohsin then apologizes to his son and daughter at the last stage of the video. He then shot the fire during the 16 minutes and 15 seconds of that Facebook Live.

Actor Riaz has been married to Abu Mohsin Khan's daughter Mushfika Tina since 2007.

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