Is there any scale weight that can be used to measure happiness? What is happiness? What is the definition of happiness, where is happiness, where is its address, is there any secret recipe for happiness? These questions have been revolving in the human mind since the beginning of life. Among many factors, your location or the country you are living in is a top factor in defining happiness. A happy country is where you have the assurance of life, do the work you enjoy, treat with respect, have an adequate income, close social relationships, and a sense of purpose.

The United Nations every year releases a report on the happiest countries in the world and ranks them according to different factors. So, what factors does the UN consider making a list?

Global Happiness Mapping by the United Nations

Basically, happiness is measured by asking a different question to the people from 149 countries in the world. As a measure of happiness, the country's social benefits, social generosity, personal freedom, gross domestic product (GDP), life expectancy, and the level of corruption come forward.

After that, the UN compiled the report based on information from the Analytical Research Gallup; however, this year, the highest priority has been given to the people's overall situation in the corona virus epidemic. The epidemic has also affected people's happiness in the world. According to the United Nations Happiness indicator report, out of the 149 countries, one-third of them showed negative emotions.

The Happiest Countries on Earth in 2021

Now, let's see the 10 happiest nations in the world as per the 2021 report.


This is the fourth time Finland has been crowned as the happiest country in the world. Apparently, it looks like the country has the secret recipe for staying happy. But the fact is that a high income with a top education system always keeps this country ahead of the rest countries around the world. But this year, the government played an important role during the Covid-19 pandemic. This year, Finland was ranked high on the calculation of mutual trust, which eventually helped to protect lives as well as livelihoods during a pandemic.


Despite being a small country and life risk due to volcanic eruption, Iceland ranked second on the list. It has a 350,000 population that knows how to stay together and stay strong during tough times. For example, the country stayed strong during the 2007 financial crisis. Although the country faces ups and downs of natural conditions with long winters, Icelanders are friendly and hard-working people, which reflect in the happiness rating.


It seems the world's most bike-friendly country has found happiness in recent years. With the highest quality of lifestyles and the high life expectancy, the Danish way of life has been a secret desire for many countries. As a bike-friendly country, the citizens take care of the environment, which leads to general happiness. Besides, well-paying jobs, excellent social security, and a good work-life balance are what make them happy.


Swiss people are one of the most politically astute Europeans and engaged actively on any issues that appeared in the country. Further, the Swiss governmental system is different among the European countries. Most of the country's decision-making is based on a vote, even on workers' vacations, which directly correlates to happiness. Besides, living with those fairytale landscapes would make anyone happy.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands scores high on social structure, GDP per capita, and generosity. Besides, it has a low corruption rate. This indicates a high trust level as well as kindness. Nevertheless, both of these elements are important for the well-being feeling. They were sixth last year but moved up this year. Dutch happiness starts from a young age as teenagers show high satisfaction levels.


Although the country ranked lower this year than the previous year, it is still one of the best places in the world to lead a happy life. Their well-respected education system keeps them ahead of the list of many other first-world countries in the world. Besides, generous parental leave, as well as free childcare, are also the two most important factors for the happiness indicator. Moreover, the Scandinavian welfare can do a lot to live up to the expectation.


Germany has improved a lot in its ranking. They were ranked 17 the previous year and jumped 10 places in just a year. Citizen's life evaluation has increased in the last two surveys. They have mentioned greater financial security as well as family stability as the key reason for happiness. Furthermore, the country as a whole is happy about its leaders' response to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Last three years, Norway was out of the top 10 list as they have little to complain about their life evaluation. Undoubtedly, Norway has one of the best social security systems in the world, as well as a booming economy. Norway's economy is based on the natural resource's responsible management. As a result, the citizens feel safe and secure collectively. Moreover, spending time outdoors is well respected in Norway. So, who would not be happy with all these benefits!

New Zealand

It is the only non-European country to become in the top 10. In recent years New Zealand citizens showed a high level of satisfaction about their work-life balance and quality of life. Besides, prime minister Jacinda Ardern's response to the corona last year made the citizens feel safe and secure. Moreover, opening up the society earlier than the other parts of the world also made the Kiwis happy.


Austria's capital Vienna is considered one of the best liveable cities in the world. This is the main factor for the Austrians. They voted for their country. Furthermore, it is a high-income country along with a premium lifestyle, good social service, and has the freedom to enjoy life. All these elements increase their happiness indicator.

Final Words

Bangladesh has ranked 68th in Global Happiness Mapping by the UN in 2021. Afghanistan has emerged as the unhappiest country, followed by Lesotho, Botswana, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has the worst economic condition, and people showed that they are unhappy with the current economic situation and structure.

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