Cruella is a dazzling Walt Disney movie. Cruella is based on One Hundred and One Dalmatians, the 1961 Walt Disney cartoon.

Originally One Hundred and One Dalmatians Disney cartoon was based on a book written by Dodie Smith. Cruella stars Emma Stone as the lead character and Emma Thompson as a supporting character.

The film is set in London during 1970's punk rock movement. Emma Stone acted as Cruella, a woman who aspires to be a fashion designer. Emma Stone's character's actual name is Estella Miller. Estella Miller eventually becomes an infamous fashion designer, Cruella de Vil.

Emma Thompson acted as Baroness von Hellman, an evil fashion designer who is actually Cruella's biological mother. The costumes of the movie are fashionable.

The film won the Oscar for best costume design. The set is extraordinary. The script of the film is interesting. The directing of the movie was superb. Craig Gillespie directed Cruella incredibly well.

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