If I look at Bangladesh objectively I see the possibilities. It's frustrating a lot of the time to see the idiosyncrasies of our leaders not just in politics but every sphere. Then again it's amazing when I see how the country has developed and raised the standards of the people overall. In 50 years I can assure my readers that every Bangalee's life has become better in all accounts. Under Pakistan we were just a number today we are a nation of human beings.

When I compare other underdeveloped countries I feel excited with the way our Prime Minister is taking the country forward with a vision that will benefit the rural community and economy. She seems to understand the pulse of the people including the present generation and the need to be connected globally to compete with our Human Resources. I have been a great fan of her for a few decades because of her commitment to the spirit of liberation war and the promise to bring to justice those who committed the crimes against humanity in 1971. She has also kept her pledge to the freedom fighters and the Martyrs' families, she stood by them to share their pain and joy! As the daughter of Bangabandhu her love and pledge to the nation and people are unquestionable! Some may say I am naive and blinded and that is their right for which I fought. Maybe as a participant of the Liberation War I may look from the perspective of a fighter and everything revolves around 1971 for me, for that I am surely guilty. I am proud of the spirit of 71 and my little effort as a combatant!

Quite a few years ago my Prime Minister asked me about my #joiHasina obsession! I looked at her sparkling eyes and I responded with a question 'can you tell why nobody took the initiative to even try the local collaborators and war criminals of 1971?' She looked at me and said 'They didn't have the courage, maybe?' Then I replied 'So Apa that's my reasoning!'

I feel proud to have fought for Bangladesh because our Pakistani masters thought we were useless fish-eating, spineless weaklings and we were destined to be servants and they would be our Masters forever! Today Bangladesh stands tall amongst all the nations as a rising star under the leadership of our visionary Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. As the CEO of a country like Bangladesh she has done incredibly well not just in socio economy sector but trying to bring the diverse and self-seeking nation together. She has tried to guide them and like a mother bring them under one umbrella. Unfortunately the people have been most ungrateful and their self-interest makes them cheap commodities. For self-interest they are willing to disgrace not just their country but also their heritage, culture and history!

Bangladesh is being disgraced globally by few interest groups, as they cannot tolerate the fact that from 'bottomless basket' (Kissinger's opinion) in 1972 it has risen as a country to reckon with. Our liberals and human rights activists feel Bangladesh has no democracy or freedom of expression. Maybe so but look at it globally and show me the governance of which country is perfect? We fought in 1971 for a perfect 'nation where all will have emancipation' but it's been just 50 years! Isn't it too early to expect we could have reached the goal? Today we see even the most powerful and richest nation USA is finding itself to be divided as their business and politics were derailed long ago, but they hid the truth from the people. It was teaching the world practices of human rights and democracy while in truth they were following the crudest form of a system that believes in White Supremacy!

Wake up world .... wake up Bangladesh! Don't let the religion become a weapon to control the mass politically or socially forever. The rise of the Mollahs in Bangladesh was well planned and I believe our PM Sheikh Hasina is capable to overcome and weed out the few bad apples. Next December we shall celebrate 50 years of victory in our Liberation War and the spirit of equality, justice and emancipation for all! The future generations are growing up in a free country and they will surely lead the nation knowing Bangladesh was born out of bloodshed of many and the land bears witness to the crimes against humanity committed by Pakistanis.

Like a phoenix we have risen and I believe we can become a Shonar Bangla' as our national anthem commits. It's very easy to criticize the country but before that each one should look at our own self and ask what have I done for my country?

#joi71 #joiHasina #joiManush Joi manush

Akku Chowdhury is a freedom fighter

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