Saleem’s solo art show in Moscow

New York Based Bangladeshi artist Khurshid Alam Saleem's week long solo art exhibition titled "Abstraction" was held at the Russian biggest exhibition Center at the Moscow Central Artists House. This was his 68th solo art exhibition. The exhibition was inaugurated on August 11 and continued till August 17.

Saleem is not a figurative painter. He portrays nature and its mysterious phases through his personal notion, experience and thought process. The abstraction in his works is not unpredictable. It comes naturally and he has adopted the language for his unique way of expression. It can be easily said his collages have been recorded through his inner feelings and intense observation of his living place, life and reminiscence. He uses forms, which bring an animated hallmark to his works. His uses of soft colours and polished brush strokes are simultaneously natural and create a language which is alien to us. His colour is mellow and sometimes bold and appears rich and smooth. His soul is always on the lookout for space where the green, azure, red, crimson, off-white and yellow are filled with great joy and ecstasy.

Saleem's collages are meticulously done and have opened a new window for the viewer. He is very much precise and balanced in his use of acrylic shades on the canvas. Acrylic provides more flexibility and creative freedom than any other type of paint. The pasted collages have added textured relief to many of his collages and have created thick impasto layers (sometimes), when the materials intertwine with other stuffs. Many of his collages provide a translucent look.

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