Painter Rashid Khan likes to sing. And it's not just any singing. He does fusion with his original tracks. He blends Bangla music tradition with Western Blues. His approach has been appreciated on YouTube. His songs "Himu Hote Chai and Ektu Ektu Kore" have garnered popularity on YouTube. The songs are available on his YouTube Channel. The songs have been produced by 49 BLUE Production House. In the music videos of the two songs Shaik Salekin is seen playing guitar.

That Rashid Khan is an amateur painter--- is not at all a proper introduction for a creative personality. His umbilical cord with art has seemingly been intact since his childhood. He is simultaneously a figurative, objective and naturist painter. All of his images pulsate with life provocatively and dramatically. These elements make his paintings seem like an authentic part of our surroundings with all our conflicts and achievements. His figures hint at many untold stories. His thought process is seemingly eloquent and has a touch of contemplation.

Rashid scrupulously paints with love and passion, and this artistic activity helps him to get rid of all kinds of pains, agonies and sufferings. Paint allows him to liberate himself and immerse into a spiritual world. Spiritualism is very closely connected to his works and when he engrosses himself into the world of art, he transcends into a divine life. His works show no tendency towards commercialism and publicity, art brings to him a new horizon where he completely finds himself. His modes of expressions are varied but realistic and surrealistic approaches are in focus at his creations. He never concentrates on a particular subject and portrays varied subjects present all around him. His paintings are distinguished by both strong and soft shades, scrupulous strokes and mellow textures. q

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