Joya announces new project for 2019


Anam Biswas’s film ‘Debi’ has become the most successful film of 2018. Its box office collection abroad has also become unparalleled, the film’s international promoter claims. It is the first production from Joya Ahsan. December 8 marked the fiftieth day of the film’s release. On this day the actress-cum-producer released a statement. In the statement she thanked everyone involved with Debi and declared her new project for 2019. The name is “Phurut.” A poster along with the name of the film has been released. The poster shows an old lady rolling down a slope in a wheelchair, in what appears to be a merry mood. A little but apparently naughty girl seems to be running down following her with her much anxious senior lady closely behind. The old lady’s jovial run-down hints at the name of the film “Phurut.” A caption reads “That’s how birds fly in Bengali.” Till now only the name and this poster have been released.

Based on late playwright Humayun Ahmed’s novel Debi stars Chanchal Chowdhury as Misir Ali. It also casts Joya Ahsan, Iresh Zaker, Animesh Aich and Shabnam Faria.

Debi has reached a milestone in box office. In overseas market it has surpassed two recent mega projects Aynabazi and Dhaka Attack. In Canada the film as of December 2 earned 49844 Dollars. This is the film’s earning in just seventeen days as opposed to overall tally of Aynabazi at 48055 dollars and Dhaka Attack at 23644 dollars. Swapna Scarecrow Inc. the international marketing partner of the film has confirmed this news based on what it claims to be data provided by Canadian box office tracker-Comscore.

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