A new documentary on one of the rarely addressed issues of Bangladesh's art and cultural practices has been made. Not only that the drama has already been selected in two international festivals in USA and India. The documentary titled "Gotipat" or Moving Canvas in English has been made by Mridul Mamun. It is about the revolutions of Bangladeshi culture against encroaching western culture on the other end. It reveals that dying Bangladeshi culture and heritage is continuing to get back through T-shirt designs. Artworks referring to Bangladeshi culture have considerably taken place in the designs of T-Shirts in the crowd designs pointing towards western culture.

How Bangladeshi cultural designs managed find a recognizable place in T-Shirts in the face of western designs and who the people are working behind the scene have been depicted in the documentary.

The documentary has already had its American premiere. Yesterday at Touchstar Cinemas Sabal Palm Luxury Plaza in Florida the film was premiered. There the film is participating in the "8th Treasure Coast International Film Festival" that started on August 16. The festival will end on August 19. Gotipat is contesting against sixty-five films from different parts of the world in two categories in the festival.

In India the film would take part in the 1st Nagaon International Short and Documentary Film Festival starting from September 8 in Assam, India. The film would be taking part in the competitive segment in this festival as well.

The documentary Gotipat has been jointly produced by Drisshakar Films and Stamford University Bangladesh.

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