Debi premieres in Canada


After winning the hearts of local film lovers, Jaya Ahsan produced film Debi has hit cinemas in Canada. The film was released in the cinemas of Toronto and Mississauga on November 16. It will later be released in four more Canadian cities namely Winnipeg, Edmond, Surrey and Calgary on November 30.

Film Debi, based on Humayun Ahmed’s novel by the same name. The film has in drawn viewers for portraying Humayun Ahmed’s iconic character Misir Ali for the first time onscreen. Critics’ responses have also been impressive, with minor objections regarding some of the aspects of the film. For an adaptation which its original master Humayun Ahmed himself did not try though he made many successful films in his lifetime, there were obvious speculations about its success. This has by now been eradicated. Also speculations were about how the family members of Humayun Ahmed would accept the film. But Joya Ahsan revealed in her facebook account that all the four children of Humayun Ahmed have watched the film on October 25 and 26 and the pictures posted posit them in obvious jolly mood.

When it comes to acting while giving every actor an ‘A’ without any doubt some critics have however differed about the proficiency of Iresh Zaker. Some have also hinted that the role of Misir Ali as a problem solver is minimal in the film, though his appearance and attitude are worthy of praise thanks to Chanchal.

In the film Ranu seems to have become possessed by a spirit of a temple. The spirit apparently tries to protect Ranu from harm, though causing problematic hallucinations. To find a cure she, her husband resort a part-time teacher of psychology at University of Dhaka. This mystery solving psychologist is ‘Misir Ali.’

Chanchal Chowdhury, Jaya Ahsan, Iresh Zaker, Sabnam Faria and Animesh Aich respectively perform as Misir Ali, Ranu, Ahmed Saber, Nilu and Ranu’s Husband Anis in the film.

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