Country's one of the most popular band Artcell celebrated its 20 years journey with a mega concert titled '20 Years of Artcellism- An Unstoppable Journey' on December 24 at the Expo Zone of International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB), in the city. Around 8 thousand fans sang their hearts out with the band at the carnival.

This show demonstrated the power of #nomorefreeconcert movement with spontaneous participation of thousands of music lovers of the country. The band members performed some of their popular songs namely 'Rahur Grash', 'Utshober Utshahe', 'Onno Shomoy' to the extremely hyped crowd. Ershad Zaman, former lead guitarist of Artcell, delivered well-wishing message for the fans through a video.

After that, Jahan, from Black, and Ishmi, from Minerva, appeared on the stage and performed the songs 'Ey Bidaaye' and 'Shongshoy' respectively with the members of Artcell. After this, some promising bands like Unmaad, Naïve, Crunch and Trainwreck covered some of the popular numbers of the band. There was a session dedicated to Rupok, who is the late member and lyricist of the band. Artcell performed special songs like 'Poth Chola' and 'Rupok- Ekti Gaan' in the following session. Singer Raef Al Hasan Rafa, D-Rockstar Shuvo and Romel Ali made special appearances and performed with the band. A number of popular bands such as Powersurge, Mechanix, Arbovirus, Shironamhin, Dreek and Reborn performed at the stage with Artcell. At the concluding part of the show, Artcell performed two of their most popular songs- 'Oniket Prantor'; where Bakhtiar Hossain, frontman of Bay of Bengal, mesmerised the fans with his magical flute sound and lastly one of the signature numbers of Artcell, 'Chile Kothar Shepai' drawing the curtain of the gala event.

'20 Years of Artcellism-An Unstoppable Journey' was organised by Asiatic Experiential Marketing Ltd. The band was formed in October 1999 by vocalist and riff guitarist George Lincoln D'Costa, lead guitarist Ershad Zaman, bassist Saef Al Nazi Cezanne and drummer Kazi Sazzadul Asheqeen Shaju. Ershad left the band in 2017 and since then, Kazi Faisal Ahmed joined Artcell as the permanent lead guitarist on November 2018.

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