A reception was hosted at Baridhara on December 12, 2022 celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and Bangladesh and the 104th Independence Day of Romania. Shabbir Ahmad Chowdhury, Secretary (West) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Daniela Sezonov Tane, Ambassador of Bangladesh, India and Nepal; and Enayetullah Khan, the Honorary Consul of Romania, were present. Academics, politicians, diplomats and business leaders also attended the reception. Meanwhile, Cosmos Foundation hosted an exclusive exhibition at the Garden Gallery of the Baridhara residence of Enayetullah Khan, Honorary Consul of Romania in Bangladesh, Editor-in-Chief of UNB and Dhaka Courier, and Cosmos Foundation Chairman.

The exhibition showcased seven unique artworks by visiting Romanian artist-sculptor Alexandru Poteca and ten paintings of renowned Bangladeshi artist Maksuda Iqbal Nipa. The event was joined by noted personalities and dignitaries including politicians, diplomats and business leaders. Enayetullah Khan said, "This is a very important event for us, as we are celebrating 50 years of our friendship, our partnership with Romania - a great nation of artists, a great nation of painters - and also it is our pleasure to celebrate the country's 104th anniversary of independence." "Also, this month is emotionally important for us, because this is the month we achieved victory after long sufferings and sacrifices of the millions; and Romania was one of the first few countries in the world to recognise Bangladesh as a sovereign and independent country," he added. Romania was one of the first European states to recognize newly independent Bangladesh in 1971.

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