The United States has reiterated its desire to see a "free and peaceful" election in Bangladesh as the country is heading for the national polls scheduled for January 7, 2024.

"We want to see a free and peaceful election in Bangladesh. We want to see the elections carried out peacefully," US State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller said in a regular briefing in Washington on November 21.

He said that has been the US policy, as he has made clear a number of times.

Asked whether the US will condemn the political violence "orchestrated by BNP" in the context of human rights that the US cares about, Miller said, "I think I answered that with my previous answer."

The Election Commission has already announced the next general election schedule for January 7.

The main opposition party BNP is yet to take any decision to join the polls, while enthusiasm is seen among supporters of Bangladesh Awami League and likeminded parties who are joining the polls.

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