The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has accused the media of distorting the speech of Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen.

In a media release on Monday, the ministry said today (Monday, 22, August 2022) after a meeting at Bangladesh Secretariat, journalists surrounded Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen.

At that time, again at the request of the journalists, the foreign minister said, "I did not say anything related to the allegation brought against me. I did not say anything about the election. I did not seek help on the election from India."

Journalists wanted to know more. Then what exactly do you say? In response to this question the foreign minister said, "I have said about stability. I said about stability in the global context where instability is prevailing."

Then journalists wanted to know about the foreign minister's position over the allegation brought against him. In response to this question, the foreign minister said, "These are blatant lies."

Some media published the foreign minister's distorted speech avoiding mentioned speech and this is "I did not say things that Sheikh Hasina's government should be kept in power after going to India."

Misleading information is being spread by presenting the distorted speech of the foreign minister which is regrettable.

Earlier at a Janmashtami programme in Chattogram on Thursday, Momen said that he urged the Indian government to back Hasina so that she can stay in power.

After much criticism over this statement, the FM explained the next day, saying that he had requested the Indian government to help the PM maintain stability with her government.

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