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Obscure’s new album on Tito, Altaf Mahmud


Obscure has finally released their album ‘Titor Swadhinata’ on April 14. This is the thirteenth album from the band. The band is based on youn Freedom Fighter Tito, who died due to his injuries at the age of 14. The teenager, one of the youngest martyrs in the history of Liberation War was engaged in a frontal combat in Savar, Dhaka with the Pak Forces two days before achieving nationwide victory on December 16. The album also has a track on veteran composer Altaf Mahmud with the title ‘Surer Barputra.’

The album has eight songs. These have been written by poet Mahadev Saha, Lutfor Rahman Riton, Milton Hasnat, Amit Goswami, Soniya Snigdha and Mahmdu Akash. It will be released on the YouTube channels of G-Series and Obscure on the night of April 14. It will also be available in CD format. Apart from a title track on Tito and the ending one on Altaf Mahmud songs of the album are-Jao Niye Jao, Rongin Shari, Nostalgia, Amar Kisher Bhoy, Dukkho Tomar Joto and Niruddesh.

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  • Obscure’s new album on Tito, Altaf Mahmud

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