71 new members welcomed by Cosmos Atelier71

Country's prominent art-promoting institution, Cosmos Atelier71 has launched the annual Cosmos Atelier71 Membership Programme 2020 (CAMP '20) on January 25, Saturday at its studio in Cosmos Centre, Malibagh in the capital.

Focusing the number '71' in remembrance of the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971 and echoing with the name of the studio 'Cosmos Atelier71'- the second ever membership programme of the studio welcomed a total of 71 members for the next one calendar year.

Alongside with the orientation, the Cosmos Atelier71 also showcased hundreds of ceramic art mugs from the ceramic Art Project titled '50 Artists 100 Mugs', one of its most successful ventures in 2019, for the art-enthusiasts attendees at the marvelous venue.

Sourav Chowdhury, Executive Artistic Manager of Cosmos Atelier71 told Dhaka Courier that they have selected the 71 artistes from over 120 applications from across the country.

"Our Cosmos Atelier71 is a wonderful and friendly place to practice arts. These 71 members will attend different workshops and events at the gallery, as well as in different venues. They will also use this platform to exhibit their art works", Sourav added.

"Extending our previous activities, we are planning to initiate more activities such as art talks with eminent artists, outdoor art camps and a lot of other exciting campaigns for our members" - he further said to Dhaka Courier.

Sourav introduced and described some of the notable previous activities of Cosmos Atelier71 to the attendees.

Adbur Rahman Nur, Art Executive of the Cosmos Atelier71, then explained the future procedures to both the newly joined and old existing members.

Tarpon Paul, a freelance visual artist, selected new member of Cosmos Atelier71 told Dhaka Courier that it's a great opportunity to be attached with Cosmos Atelier71.

"It'll introduce me with prominent artists and their works," said Paul, adding his gratitude to the authority of the studio for selecting him.

Md Humayun Kabir Tutul, a final year student of Theatre and Performance Studies at Kabi Nazrul University in Trishal, Mymenshingh, attended the programme as a new member.

Kabir expressed his joy to Dhaka Courier about getting involved with the Atelier as he believes it will help him in his responsibilities as set designing and other activities in theatre.

Bristy Pathan, a member of Cosmos Atelier71 , and a student of Printmaking Department at Kabi Nazrul University, told Dhaka Courier that the Cosmos Atelier71 is helping her practically in printmaking besides her academic studies.

Cosmos Atelier71 launched its first ever membership programme last year with 55 members.

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