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‘Sheikh Saadi’ is coming to Dhaka on stage

Sheikh Saadi

Drama troupe Chandrakala Theatre’s new production ‘Sheikh Saadi’ is going to be staged in Dhaka on 29th August, Wednesday at BSA’s National Theatre Hall. As the name intends, the drama is based on the great Persian poet Sheikh Saadi’s grand life and works.

The play is written by Apurba Kumar Kundu, while H R Anik will direct and portray the role of the great poet, Sheikh Saadi in the play’s solo act.

Chandrakala Theatre’s 18th production ‘Sheikh Saadi’ is based on facts and true incidents of the poet’s time. Playwright Apurba Kumar Kundu informed that the play features an historical, as well as emotional event affiliated with Saadi’s life.

During the timeline when the great poet was at his final years of life, Delhi’s crown prince Muhammad Bulbon arranged a world conference featuring poets from all over the world. Sheikh Saadi got the invitation to join the conference as the chief poet, through an invitation letter from his close friend Amir Khasru who was a notable poet in Delhi at that time. Saadi, even though was overwhelmed regarding the invitation- could not join the event because of two reasons- his senile state, and his wish to stay at his birth place Shiraz as he was afraid about dying anywhere else. However, to honor the prestigious invitation, he presented some of his greatest creations including ‘Bustan’ and ‘Gulistan’ to the inviters. The play is basically structured upon this true incident and it then furthered to add more.

“Dramatist Apurba Kumar Kundu has already established himself as a successful playwright with specialization of writing biographical drama such as ‘Michael Madhusudan’ and ‘Helen Keller’. Moreover, the Iranian Cultural Centre in Dhaka has reviewed this play ‘Sheikh Saadi’ and felt him overwhelmed with their reviews. As the director I have already travelled those places in Delhi which were connected with Sheikh Saadi himself and done my research. I got myself trained in stage direction from playwright Manoj Mitra and for sharpening my acting skills, I took training from actor-director Gautam Haldar. These factors will surely help to improve the overall quality of this production”, said by H R Anik, the play’s solo performer and director.

The production assistant for this play is the Iranian Cultural Centre in Dhaka, through which the play participated in the Fajr Theatre Festival in Iran.

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