Shahidul Alam, acclaimed photographer and activist, launched his highly anticipated book, 'Singed but not Burnt,' on Friday, June 2 during a launch event at DrikPath Bhobon in the capital.

Alam's previous works have garnered widespread recognition and critical acclaim, earning him a prominent place in the field of photography. John Morris, the former picture editor of Life Magazine, hailed 'My Journey as a Witness' as "One of the most important books ever created by a photographer." Additionally, 'The Tide Will Turn' was selected by the New York Times as a critic's pick and featured on their esteemed "Best Art Books of 2020" list.

In his foreword for 'Singed but not Burnt,' Indian parliamentarian Shashi Tharoor expressed his deep appreciation for Alam's powerful photographs, describing them as "tremendous, beautiful, and searing," while emphasizing their ability to captivate and demand the viewer's undivided attention.

The book launch event featured a conversation between Shahidul Alam and writer and editor Firoz Ahmed. The engaging dialogue provided invaluable insights into Alam's creative process and the themes explored in 'Singed but not Burnt'

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