Popular TV drama director Shafayet Mansoor Rana has directed 'Ferar Gaan'. The short film stars Jon Kabir, Sayeed Zaman Shawon and Azmeri Asha. With actor, rock musician Jon Kabir in the lead the plot revolves around the rise, fall, redemption and revival of a mega music star. It is available on iflix. The entire film has been shot with smartphone.

The story of Ferar Gaan zooms in on Rubab Khan, a famous star of the country. However, he is very ego-centric and looks down upon people. During a concert, a super fan played by Sayeed Zaman Shawon manages to get to the backstage where he asks for a selfie. In response, Rubab behaves rudely with him thoroughly to the point that the fan is thrown out by his guards.

The next morning, the famous star finds out that he has lost his gifted voice. He tries everything to find out the reason but to no avail. He then consequently starts to lose everything, his career, his fans and even his love of life (Azmeri Asha). He goes back in time to learn when and how this all started and suddenly the memory of humiliation of his fan by him strikes him. Thus he sets out to find the fan to attain redemption. Samsung provided with technical support for this web production.

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