Fazlur Rahman Babu’s Eid song on transience of life


Seasonal actor cum singer Fazlur Rahman Babu is bringing a new song for the upcoming Eid. The song will be released as a music video on June 7 under the title “Michhe Maya.” Recording studio Rain Music will release the song on YouTube.  Fazlur Rahman Babu is prominently known as a prolific actor both on the small screen and on the big screen. The actor has put up standalone performances in hit films like Shwapnajal, Oggatonama etc. But to many he is also known as an established singer. That is why he has decided to bring a new song for his fans.

The song has a tone rather of alienation and absurdity. It is about the hush and laugh of life that eventually are proven pointless. At the end of the day no one has none and everything apparently becomes a game of allures.

The song has its lyrics been penned by Sohel Masud, music composed by Ovi Akash and music directed by Mon. The music video has been directed by Sohel Rana Boyati in Pubail. Fazlur Rahman Babu, Alif, Reshmi and Preeti appear in the music video.

Fazlur Rahman Babu is hoping that the song would be a success. The makers are certainly basking on it, he said to this correspondent. About his singing career he said, “I am not a singer actually, so I have no calculated plans regarding it. I am actually an actor. Still I have to sing to fulfill the requests of my fans.” He dubbed his popularity as a singer simply as ‘Lucky Charm.’

This however is not going to be Fazlur Rahman Babu’s only musical release before Eid. He will be releasing another song from Max music studio and a compilation of three songs under the banner of ‘Indubala.’

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