Binge launching five director’s Coronavirus based series


Binge, country’s one of the top online digital video streaming platform is bringing a five-episode anthology series ‘Bagh Bondi Shingho Bondi’ based on diverse experiences that people have faced during the time of COVID-19 pandemic.

The series is based on various issues associated with the livelihood, social status; physical and mental distresses of the people of Bangladesh like the rest of the world during this pandemic are being depicted through five different stories. The stories are approximately 30 minutes length, written by the country’s top five film directors and makers. The scripts are written and directed by their own. Experienced artists of today have acted in these short films.

Viewers will be able to watch these series on Binge’s platform from 1 October. Among the stories, the short film titled ‘Arai Mon Swapna’ has been directed by Abu Shahed Emon. In this short film, the maker has highlighted the extreme financial crisis of the lower middle class people of the society during this crisis period. At the same time, various social anomalies have deepened their crisis also shown in this short film.

‘Esho Boshey Ekshathey Khai’– a series directed by veteran filmmaker Amitabh Reza Chowdhury portrays the emotional changes of family members during the lockdown. The plot is based on the weak family ties that gets stronger, on the other hand, some closed ones have also gone far away.

‘Mukh Asman’– another short film in the series has been made by eminent director Animesh Aich where the plot is based on the pain that is being faced by the frontline doctors and addressing the challenges during this period.

‘Jatri’; another short film of the series is based on the story of a coronavirus infected patient being socially detached by showing a harsh mentality. The short film is produced by veteran director Giasuddin Selim. The series is more about the benevolent character of a stranger who stands by the victims, even if they are expelled from their relatives.

‘Nishiddho Bashor’– the story depicts the moral and immoral activities in the society and the family relationships being affected by the coronavirus. The short film was produced by director Nurul Alam Atik.

All the short films were produced maintaining social distancing guidelines. ‘Bagh Bondi Shingho Bondi’ series can be seen in higher definition (HD) on both big and small screens (TV and android mobile handsets). In order to enjoy the Binge original contents in Android smartphones, customers will have to download the Binge mobile app from Google Play Store. At present, there are three subscription packages available for android smartphones, which are priced at 10 taka per day, 40 taka per week and 99 taka per month respectively (excluding VAT, supplementary duty).

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