Bangladeshi artists’ show in Osaka


Three eminent Bangladeshi artists, Jamal Ahmed, Mohammad Iqbal and Mustapha Khalid Palash’s show is now on at Holbein Gallery in Osaka, Japan. Osaka based Japanese company Holbein has hosted the exhibition. Several works of the artists are on display at the exhibition. Though the three artists’ works vary from each other, they all are intertwined to some extent and are quite contemporary in nature having their own style of expressions. All the artists have had their trainings in Japan; the first two in Fine Arts and the latter in Architecture. Their works are greatly influenced by the Japanese minimalistic approaches and Bangladeshi simplicities yet they are somber in appearances.

Jamal Ahmed’s empathy towards his subjects is remarkable as he has been relentlessly portraying them for years after years. Having similar subjects on his canvas, Jamal always brings distinctive differences in every renewed appearance. He has proved himself as a master artist in creating the visual impacts for the general to segmented audiences with his simple subjects with deeper meanings.

Mohammad Iqbal is one of the most celebrated artists of recent time. The subjects of this highly enlightened artist include human faces with illusory eyes, especially of children, which indicate authentic souls that usually become contaminated in the later stages of adulthood. Iqbal’s specialty is that he uses quite a number of translucent layers in his paintings which at the end divulge a greater depth.

Being an exponential name in the architectural realm of Bangladesh, Mustapha Khalid Palash beyond his architectural practice also paints, writes, plays and is a conscious activist in socio-political issues. Palash is considered as a natural born artist who received his training from his parents. Palash has already established his own style that incorporates bold and wide strokes, vibrant colours and play with pure forms.

The exhibition will continue till June 15.

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  • Bangladeshi artists’ show in Osaka

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