Chinese poet-cum-architects Lam-Kong Chuen and Cherry Tsang have prepared to cast Bangladeshi poetry into architectural design. This time they have selected poetry from noted poet Professor Muhammad Samad. He is now the pro-vc of Dhaka University.

About his role in inspiring architectural designs through poetry the two painters in a joint statement have said that Muhammad Samad never repeats voice construction and never yields to the boundary of field, he formulates new concepts of space with a keen eye for humanity and profiles a passionate silhouette of a world citizen. The statement goes on like this: We are reminded by Samad that through poetry we experience empathy, a communion that can transverse centuries and continent, and thus we can feel less alone on the planet. Samad's poetry and architecture with poetic construction and natural poetic power mingle together in the present era of panoramic eyeshot, that has ushered in the need for construction of the third person in art who will be on his /her way to becoming the fourth person - and the unknown world of never- ending dimensions.

Poetry is another name for architecture. The poetic use of space is the soul of architecture. A poet can hold the knob to the building of pulse. The building is the tangible and real-life representation of poetry.

Samad is one of the most notable poets of the '70s. His insightful vision reflected through words has enriched our literature. Samad delves in romanticism and nature. Among his published books are "Selected Poems" (2008), "Premer Kobita" (2008), "Aaj Shoroter Akashey Purnima" (2005), "Cholo, Tumul Brishtitey Bhiji" (1996), "Aami Noi Indrajit Megher Araley," "Porabey Chandan Kath," and others.

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