‘The Director’ coming in Eid


The Director, the film from Kamruzzaman Kamu would be released this Eid. The film would contend with Shakib Khan's first production Password, Nolok, Tarik Anam Khan, Shabnam Faria starrer-Abar Bashanta and Goyendagiri from Impress Telefilm. But it would not be available in theatres. After failing to attract promoters the filmmaker has decided to release it on YouTube channel of SUN bdtube. 'Wee Hours CrowdFunding' is supporting the promotion of the film. After watching the film online, viewers can donate on this funding platform at: www.whc.fund. The film boasts a strong cast featuring Marzuk Russel, Popi, Mosharraf Karim, Tanvin Sweety, Tarek Mahmud, Nafiza Jahan, Bappi Ashraf, Nafa and the director Kamruzzaman Kamu himself.

The film went into production in 2007. It was submitted for Censor Board's approval in 2013 and after much debacle and protests got approval from the conservative censors in 2015. The film is about mistaken accusation by police and the plight of an innocent taken into custody wrongfully prompting a funny and quirky rescue effort by a friend of the innocent man. Trailer and two songs of the film have already been released on SUN bdtube. One of the songs has been written by Marzuk Russel and voiced by folk singer Momtaz and Marzuk. The other song has been written and sung by Kamruzzaman Kamu.

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  • ‘The Director’ coming in Eid

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