‘Sufia Kamal was a light beam of hope’: Dr Biswajit Ghosh


Vice-Chancellor of Rabindra University Professor Biswajit Ghosh said that poet Sufia Kamal was a visionary, who illuminated the road that led women towards socio-economic empowerment in the country.

“One has to be amazed at the way poet-activist Sufia Kamal thought about the emancipation of women 70-80 years ago, and the way she organized movements and activities for ensuring women empowerment in the society is beyond commendable.”

Dr Ghosh made his remarks on the eminent social reformist at a webinar organized by Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP) on Sunday, commemorating Begum Sufia Kamal on her 110th anniversary of birth.

Presenting the commemorative speech titled "Sufia Kamal and the Feminist Movement of Bangladesh" at the webinar, Prof Biswajit Ghosh said, “Sufia Kamal earned her rightful position in the history through her change-making and impactful social activities, despite being born and raised in a confined society. The theoretical framework of feminism that we see in our society today was not properly active in the time of Sufia Kamal, but she saw the greater picture ahead of her time regarding the development of women, more than anything or anyone else.”

The virtual event was streamed live on BMP’s Facebook page and chaired by BMP's current president Dr Fauzia Moslem, who commemorated the founding president on her birth anniversary with utmost respect during her speech.

“The formation of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad under the leadership of poet Sufia Kamal on April 4, 1960, was a remarkable event in history, and our organization is still implementing effective social activities for not only women but for every one existing in the society. The feminist movement has been widespread in many ways after the twentieth century, and it is highly indebted to Sufia Kamal in so many ways,” Dr Fauzia Moslem said at the event.

Maleka Banu, general secretary of the central committee of the Bangladesh Mahila Parishad, said, "Sufia Kamal, one of the most respected and leading figures in women's liberation and a vibrantly active luminary in many democratic, social and cultural movements of the country during her time, has not been physically present with us for more than two decades - but she is involved in all of our actions, thoughts, joys and crises.”

The Poet Sufia Kamal Award-2020 (posthumously) was conferred to late journalist, teacher, politician and activist Nurjahan Murshid and Poet Sufia Kamal Award-2021 was given to Kumudini Welfare Trust for making social impacts through various humanitarian activities.

Sharmeen Murshid and Tazeen Murshid, daughters of Nurjahan Murshid virtually received the award on behalf of their mother and Sreemoti Saha, director of Kumudini Welfare Trust, received the award on behalf of her organization, alongside other members of Kumudini Welfare Trust.

Eminent Rabindra Sangeet artiste Iffat Ara Dewan and Nazrul Sangeet exponent Khairul Anam Shakil performed songs at the event. The webinar and award-giving ceremony was hosted by Seema Moslem, joint-general secretary and Umme Salma Begum, organizing secretary of the central committee of BMP.

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