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Rubaiat Saky
Thursday, February 16th, 2017


Ekushey February now turned into a festival of national achievement and to celebrate the occasion, local boutique shops have been making different outfits for all age groups.


Designers have used black-white-red- based traditional motifs and patterns to represent the theme of the International Mother Language Day.




kaykraft’s Ekushey collection are now available in its all outlets. Designers ornamented the dresses using three colours —white, black and light red. They used the motif of Bangla Bornomla (Bengali alphabets) and words in their designs. Primeval alphabets are also used in the designs of their collections.


Talked to Dhaka Courier, Kay Kraft Bashundhara City outlet manager Nasir Hossian said that special attraction of their fashion house will be family package (4 pieces) for husband, wife and two kids.




Apart from a number of dress items, Bangladesh’s one of the leading fashion house Aarong has displayed special Slim-Fit Panjabi-Pajama-Coaty-Set for men and kids using mainly white and black.


When talked to Dhaka Courier, Azmery Akhter, Marketing Officer of Aarong, said a light variation of colors has been chosen to offer shoppers more options this season.




Abdul Alim, branch In-charge of Anjan’s Bashundhara City outlet, said containing the spirit of the Ekushey, Anjans brings its collection mainly with screen print and block print with the theme of Bornomala (alphabets).


Designers portrayed various sketches with two specific colours-Black and white. In some items, a reddish shade has been used as a reflector.


Rang Bangladesh


Fashion house Rang Bangladesh has used white, black, ash and off-white colours in their Ekushey collections.


Designers ornamented screen print and patchwork using cotton. It brings saris, three-pieces, single kamiz, long skirts, and tops; for men Punjabis, shirt, and T-shirt, for kids frock, skirt tops, Panjabi, shirt and T-shirt, pricing different ranges.

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