Western Digital Elements 1TB USB Hard Drive

Adnan Firoze
Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Western Digital was always my first choice in data storage in contrast to other faster selling brands in Bangladesh such as Transcend or Seagate. Not only did I find Western Digital products more polished and professional but I have found them to be more durable.


Thus, this week’s gadget is a USB hard drive but do not mistake it for a portable one. It is the Western Digital Elements 1 TB hard-drive. Even though it says that it a USB hard drive and not a portable one, you can make it into a portable one if you carry it in your bag. The primary reason it is not ‘officially’ a portable hard drive (as opposed to WD Passport line) is the fact that this hard drive takes power from an outlet. Then again, it compensates for this hassle with the quality of durability and performance.


At the time of its release it was the sleekest external 1TB hard drive in the world; however, with time Seagate and Transcend has come up with fancier models. But in my opinion, none of the other brands could meet the performance and durability of this external drive.


The dimensions are not on a par with the sleekest of designs as they are 12.5 cm x 20.4 cm x 3.6 cm (WxDxH). The weight is 1.02 KG which means that it is on the bulkier side of external drives. But as mentioned, this is not meant for carrying in your pocket unlike the WD Passport line (which does not go as high as the ‘Elements’ line in terms of storage capacity). It has a very simple plain design with just the WD logo on top of it. It comes in two colours namely black and silver and built with a rugged metal case which ensures durability. The transfer rate for the drive is a stupendous 480 MBps. Another great aspect of this hard drive is that it is extremely quiet – a quality rarely found in modern hard drives. Moreover, it almost never heats up.


It uses USB 2.0 which may be a letdown for some as most of the recent hard drives come with USB 3.0 and vendors generally try to excite the customers with that information. However, just because you buy a USB 3.0 device does not mean you can milk the device to its fullest. Because, in order for you to take full advantage of the USB 3.0 devices, your motherboard has to support USB 3.0 and as of now, very few of the motherboards do that. Thus, many of the hard drives with USB 3.0 in Bangladesh are running on USB 2.0 because of the mother board limitation. On that count, the WD Elements 1 TB will not disappoint as you get exactly what you bargain for.


Now for Bangladeshi users exclusive: I would not recommend you to buy any hard drive at this very moment. The prices of hard drives have skyrocketed in last half a year. What used to go for Tk. 5000 is going for Tk. 9000 today. After I started digging, I uncovered that the price hike of hard drives are due to the recent floods in Thailand. However, market researchers have said that the price should come down in approximately three months. I suggest you wait it out as it will cost you around Tk. 12,000 to buy it now, whereas it will get down to below Tk. 7,500 (like it was before the Thai flood) in a couple of months in BCS Computer City, IDB Bhaban, Dhaka.


This hard drive comes with great value (if bought with the right price) and it certainly will serve your needs properly. WD is always very reliable when it comes to durability. If you are looking for an external hard drive for the desktop, I would highly recommend it however if you are looking for one to go with your notebook, the WD Passport line is the one to go for.

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