Watering in the rain and other issues

Afsan Chowdhury
Thursday, July 6th, 2017
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The picture of two ladies watering plants as part of an official tree planting ceremony is very nice.  What may be a bit confusing is that the ceremony is taking place in pouring rain.  And the number of umbrellas is so many that most faces are hidden by them. Nevertheless, everyone seems to be enjoying what is going on. However, people seem to be enjoying the scene and some have remarked that maybe the rains were already watering the plants so was the watering necessary?  To satisfy public curiosity we contacted the Office of Ceremonial Information. Its spokesperson was very happy to see us and took us to the ceremonial table. There we all stood silently and paid respect to all the fallen heroes followed by national anthem singing  and then giving slogans on fresh vegetables for everyone


When we asked why we were giving slogans on them, he happily smiled and said, “Today is the fresh vegetables dibosh ( day). All over Bangladesh millions will be paying homage to them. We have sent 100 million sms to observe the day by having vegetables. We will recognize the role of vegetables in our national life.”


Very impressed, we asked about watering plants in pouring rain. He said, “rain is not going to stop us from our watering ceremony because we are patriotic people. We believe in ceremonial watering and no matter what we will do it. It’s also an office order. So if we didn’t water the plants we could be transferred to Khagrachari. So we were duty bound to do what we did.”  End of explanations. Thanks.


The sight of cars parked on footpaths is well known and well accepted part of our national culture.  However, someone is supposed to have mentioned that the High Court had issued an order saying this is illegal. We asked the Ministry of Parking if this issue was being dealt with and if so, how.  The spokesperson was happy to see us and told us that they were working actively on the issue.


“It’s very simple. The more there is development, greater will be the number of cars which is an indicator of development. So the order has to be interpreted in the proper context. We respect the court order and but we also respect development and the growing number of cars. In view of that a high powered committee was formed which has now decided to remove all footpaths from Dhaka.  As a result, they will now be called parking attachments so cars which park on footpath will not violate any law. This is no doubt the best way to solve the problem, promote development and also respect the courts. ““Will it cause any problems to the pedestrians those who are supposed to used the footpaths?””


Not at all. If there are no footpaths there will be no walkers either. So how they move will no longer be a matter of the government.  However, we have a plan to connect all the rooftops through such a walkway and people can then walk in the sky if you will. This will revolutionize urban transport. We will soon float tenders. It will be called One Roof One Road (OROR) project.


Having heard so much about VAT which we don’t understand, we thought we thought would have a word with a national politician on the issue. The minister for Explaining Public Policy was very kind and generous and said that the world has now accepted that the Government has been very successful VAT policy and no price rise will happen


That is no longer an issue now as we have challenged the opposition to produce evidence that we had proposed 15% VAT. You see VAT is value added TALK not TAX.


And we have declared that it was always free in democracy. Talk all you want, there will be no tax on talking. We talk, they talk, you talk, there are talk shows so talking about taxing talk in a talkative culture is not useful not taxable. However, returns on talks will be mad.


But we will keep talking till we run out of talk when even the rains have stopped falling on our plants. Thanks

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