Time for BNP to mend its ways

Farid Hossain
Thursday, May 25th, 2017
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What else can be more ridiculous than this? BNP has criticized Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for joining the recently-held Arab Islam American summit in Saudi Arabia. BNP Secretary General Fakhrul Islam Alamgir told a press briefing about the reason of the party’s peculiar objection. It is US President Donald Trump. Describing the US president as an anti-Islam leader Fakhrul argued that Hasina should not have attended the meeting along with Trump.


The BNP leader, however, kept mum about the host: Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saudi who reportedly praised Trump as the child of Allah. Fakhrul also remained silent about more than 50 other Muslim-majority nations, including Pakistan, which took part in the summit. There seems to be no method in BNP’s madness. To quote Fakhrul the PM’s attendance at the summit has “been our misfortune.” It’s BNP’s misfortune indeed. What is good for the national and our national interests has to be a “misfortune” for BNP.


In his latest statement Fakhrul has exposed the party’s lack of connect with the public and public memory. BNP is calling Trump anti-Islamic only months after its leader Khaleda Zia offered congratulation to the US president in a message after his inauguration in January. If Hasina is “at fault” in attending the summit why is it silent about the host, the Saudi King? BNP has exposed its hypocrisy so well here. It lacks in guts in taking on the Saudi King as it will distance the party further from the people of Bangladesh. BNP too knows it well. Still, what is the party’s rationale in taking this foolish road? There is a BNP rationale. It can’t withstand the closeness in the ties between the Saudi rulers and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. BNP is being consumed by the fire of jealousy as the Bangladesh prime minister, being regarded as a visionary statesman, is taking to the world stage along with other leaders of the world.


In inviting PM Hasina to the crucial anti-terrorism meeting the Saudi King has once again reaffirmed her status as one of the world’s influential leaders. The Bangladesh leader has used the forum to voice her concern about the world’s refugees saying the untold sufferings of the displaced people should be addressed to stop one of the many ways of terrorism. It is easy for the terrorist organizations to get new recruits from among desperate refugees. Stopping the sources of arms and funding to the terrorists has been another theme of Hasina’s written statement to the conference. She said her government has always been tough on the country’s homegrown extremists. Her government’s zero tolerance policy to extremists and militants has worked well because of the consistency and commitment.


Coming back to BNP’s reaction to Saudi summit. The meeting has sought to strengthen the forces which are opposed to the Islamic State operating in Syria and Iraq. IS is killing innocent people in the name of establishing khelafat. It’s campaign has, however, nothing to do with Islam. The Middle East and the Gulf states need to launch a coordinated counter attack against the deadly Islamic State for establishing stability in the region. A greater stability in the region will mean more jobs for Bangladeshis. The peace in the ME will also help pave the way for forcing Israel in bowing down to the global position that there must be an independent Palestine. Since Bangladesh has a principled stand on Palestine in its fight for independence, Dhaka should grab every opportunity to promote the Palestinian cause which PM has done at the Saudi gathering in front of President Trump.


The problem with BNP is that it has messed up an international cause with its myopic partisan politics.


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