The wonders of an alternative career

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Thursday, May 18th, 2017


Let us begin with a blast from the past – In 1991, a group of students who were actively involved in students activities felt the need for an organization to promote and develop the age old art of theosophy turning into modern day battle of wits, which is very well known as debating. Talented debaters as they were, they started the Bangladesh Debate Federation (BDF) for training more debaters and adjudicators, and the inevitable happened – the DU team broke to the octo finals winning 5 out of 7 debates in the primary rounds in the Australasian Debate back in 1993. This amazing team also became best ESL in World Invitational Universities Debating Championship prior to the WUDC 1994.


Now the readers may be wondering what it all has to do with this piece of writing, well, long story short, this wonder team was led by the man who had our eyes glued to the shows we watched while growing up – “Baobi 12”, “Shubhechcha” and “AnandaMela”; Yes, we are talking about none other than Dr. Abdun Noor Tushar, one of the most multi-talented personalities in this country.


“Trapper John, M.D” and “The Paper Chase”


Names ringing any bell? Didn’t think so. Trapper John, M.D was a popular medical drama shown in CBS with the lead character (Dr. “Trapper” John McIntyre) being the man of the decade, who showed tremendous compassion toward his patients, often violating “established hospital procedures.”, while  The Paper Chase follows the lives of law student James T. Hart and his classmates at Harvard Law School. While they were being aired on Bangladesh television, Dr. Tushar was studying in Grade 1, and ever since then, he envisioned himself either as the doctor who would help out his patients at any cost, or a lawyer.


The choice was not very easy. It either had to be Dhaka Medical College or the Dhaka University Law Department, both of which were located very close to one another. However, Dr. Tushar’s passion of helping the underprivileged at their ailing time overtook his desire to become James T. Hart.  Even today, as he showed us around his clinic, it was very evident that his yearning to become somebody like Trapper John has become successful, and he intends to be so always, though yes, as a multitalented person always feel like being at 2 or 3 places at the same time, he still thinks that someday, he might start studying for law and practice.


The Early 90’s game shows on Bangladesh Television


After seeing Dr. Tushar’s flair as a debater, he was asked to host a variety of shows on national television. One of the most prominent amongst them was “Baobi 12” , which was a guessing game that had to be answered within 12 questions – at which Dr. Tushar was a natural, because he could do it within merely 6/7 questions.


“I always got lucky when it came to my media career.” Said Dr. Tushar. “So many things happened without planning”. However, if provided the chance to study law and become a lawyer even at this very moment, he would love to grab a chance at being somebody like James T Hart too.


Banker to designer? Yes it is possible


It is possible to switch careers which one is passionate about. Let’s take the example of Fahmeeda Sharmeen, Deputy Chief Representative of Mashreq Bank PSC, Bangladesh Liaison Office. Always aspiring for a career in fashion designing, she still balances both work and her passion delicately.


“Every morning it seems like I am a different person,” she said, “I am different from many versions of myself in the thought process. I have different views and opinions at different times. But how can I express these differences to the real world? I ask myself. I realize – its fashion designing. Fashion represents noticeable differences in different cultures, different tastes, different personalities, and different harmonic waves around the world. And I would like to be part of it. Yes, I would like to be a fashion designer. I always have a penchant for creativity, style, and originality. I can analyze, design and come up with many new ideas to express my values in creativity, style, and originality in line with international trends. This truly excites me and gives me more enthusiasm to do something better in my life. Therefore, I believe that fashion designing on an international level would be somewhere I would see myself if I were not working in the banking sector.”


“Fashion designing is not just about putting together a nice collection. It is actually far more than that. It is an industry where anything and everything can inspire you – walking down the street, looking at building with graffiti writing, watching TV or even talking to people. It really gives you the opportunity to unleash your imagination.”


“I sure like my current job at Mashreq. The environment, my colleagues, job challenges, and daily tasks keep me motivated. However, since I was asked what would be my preferred career as an alternative, I chose to be an International Fashion Designer. I believe I can redefine my capabilities in this new exciting career. It could be my calling!”

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