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Thursday, February 16th, 2017


Samsung has been a household name in terms of consumer electronics and it has been a giant in the TV industry since its TV manufacturing plant was first conceived in the 1940s. They have racked up thousands of awards and have been the undisputed champion of the TV market by being the Number 1 TV Brand for 10 Consecutive Years in a row since 2005.


Samsung says their philosophy is to never settle with just the technology available but to keep innovating year after year, month after month, day after day, each day. They say their innovations are always centered on the benefits that a certain new addition or feature will bring to the TV viewing customer. If it doesn’t add value, what’s the point?


This makes Samsung a brand that makes products for the users and not one which uses one working formula such a 4K resolution or a certain smartphone connectivity and using it year after year to stay in the market.


Samsung Bangladesh unveiled their flagship TV- the K Series Curved SUHD TV – on the 22nd of September, 2016 at a grand event at The Radisson Blue with the media and the electronics market’s biggest distributors and dealers in attendance. The TV has been awarded the prestigious Product of the Year at CES 2016.


The first thing about the TV conforms to the norms of Samsung philosophy, the innovation. The raw brightness and clarity of the SUHD TV are bound to make anyone fall in love with the panel. Samsung’s picture quality has always been a cut above the rest but the Quantum Dot Technology used in the 2016 SUHD TV is what is being termed as the future of TV picture generation.


Quantum Dot Technology uses Samsung’s pioneering Semi-Conductor particles to light up your TV screen. The unique factor about the Quantum Dots are that these particles which are infused in the panel of the screen can emit light on its own and due to the removal of the traditional yellow phosphor layer which created every colour with a slight hue of yellow and the addition of the Quantum Dots, the SUHD TV boasts a white layer canvas which can now show you pure colors as the colors were meant to be shown.


These Quantum Dots allow the TV to show the purest colors and hence the SUHD TV has a color volume of One Billion Colors which is actually 64x more than any other UHD/4K TV on the market.


HDR is short for High Dynamic Range, but what is it actually? Customers might have seen this acronym pop up while taking photos on their smartphone, asking them if they would like HDR ON/OFF. Well, in the simplest of terms, HDR is a picture processing software which takes 3 versions of the same picture/frame- One with the brightest light, One with normal/medium lighting and One with the least amount of light- and combines these 3 photos to create one stunning picture/frame with the most details and the clearest picture.


In essence, it gives details which were hidden from users before and gives users higher brightness. In 2016, all major TV manufacturers have HDR compatibility in their flagship models but the Samsung SUHD TV boasts HDR compatibility of HDR1000.


In essence, this means that the Samsung SUHD TV can provide its customers with 1000 units of brightness and this brightness is 3 times more that of any UHD/4K TV on the market and 2 times more than the LG OLED TV announced around the same time.


Now, at this point, one might think this is some marketing gimmick that most companies use for highlighting their own product but customers can understand the difference and the level of brightness the SUHD TV provides in relation to others in just one look. No one has ever looked at a TV display like this before.


Samsung has taken their Smart TV with Quad Core Processing power to a whole new level this year, by allowing connectivity across all platforms- Android, iOS and Windows PC. This isn’t available in any other brand currently and what this means is that when other TV Brands are still only giving you Screen Mirroring and Youtube, Samsung SUHD lets you share any content such as Photos, Videos, and Music from your smartphone to your TV and enjoy it on the beautiful Ultra Slim Bezel-Less Curved screen.


For example: Customers can share an animation movie which they have downloaded on their phone to their TV for the kids and make a call, lock the phone, go to the kitchen with the phone, make snacks for them to enjoy, while listening to music from simultaneously from their smartphone playlist and come back to see that the movie keeps on playing without a hiccup. This kind of convergence is not possible in any of the major TV brands which have come up with their own versions of Smart TVs.


Furthermore, the SUHD TV comes with the One Connect Box- A mixed utility port hub where customers can connect all their devices such as Set Top Box, PS4, Blu-ray Player or ever Home Theatre System eliminating the need to connect all the devices to your TV directly making their TV look clean and beautiful. A One Remote feature gives you a Smart Remote which itself can control all the above devices with just one device meaning a customer now don’t have to juggle around all the remotes from all those devices.


The SUHD TV comes with always-on UHD upscaling which enhances a viewer’s Full HD or HD content to be brighter and crisper almost like it was UHD content. This means now customers don’t always have to play UHD movies and videos; they can play the more commonly available FHD content and enjoy UHD like detail and brightness.


The Ultra Black Technology gives this TV the unique advantage of reducing annoying reflections made on the screen while watching something by utilizing a moth like structured panel which absorbs light rays. Precision Black makes watching TV easy on the eyes, be it a sunny morning or dark night, by adjusting the brightness of the screen in tandem with the available light in the room.


The pricing of the SUHD is premium buyers’ centric and in that it costs a whopping 5, 85,500 BDT, but look at it this way, the first Safety Precautionary Airbags to be used in cars was in 1984 on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class- the most technologically advanced series of cars they make and they are always innovating to bring their customers what will be traditional norm in the future, just as all cars have and must have airbags now.


Similarly, the Samsung SUHD TV offers path-breaking technology to introduce to the world the Quantum Dot Displays which is the future of the TV industry.


The Samsung SUHD TV, a TV which gives customers more features and connectivity than any other TV in the market, brings its viewers unparalleled performance and amazing picture quality. The best Smart TV to date, for sure.

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