Shafin Ahmed claims financial mishap behind ‘Miles break-up’

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Thursday, December 28th, 2017


Shafin Ahmed has spoken about the ongoing controversy surrounding the popular band Miles. In a press meet held at a city restaurant on December 20 the vocalist claimed that the reason for the debacle is “financial.” He has accused his brother Hamin of taking the entire royalty from the songs sung by him. Shafin claims that Hamin has contacted with at least six corporate houses without taking his permissions. Of the eighty-four songs released by Miles forty-six have been sung by Shafin. Shafin claims that the truth is available on any music database, so it is stupidity to hatch covert plans regarding it.


Earlier Hamin condemned Shafin of autocracy. He along with other band members like Manam claimed that Shafin has become irregular in the band. In response to these allegations Shafin called the press conference. About being irregular he said that due to the mystery created by outrageous contracts signed without Shafin’s consent Shafin refrained from cooperating with the band. He even sent emails to Hamin asking about the accounts of the band, later though Hamin avoided replying to all the emails, Shafin claims.


Due to irregular presence Hamin earlier claimed to have fired Shafin from the band. But Shafin in November acquired a trade license under the name of “Miles Band Ltd.” He says he does not want anyone to tarnish the image of the band. The band has its reputation even if it should not have anyone’s ownership and it is Shafin’s duty to preserve that reputation from getting spoilt by arbitrary music releases. The band is a democratic place anyone can join and Manam and Hamin are welcome to come back, Shafin affirmed.

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