Rivers bleed dry

Photo’s: Salahuddin Ahmed
Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017


The reduction of a river’s flow to a trickle is a sad sight for those in their vicinity, as many have grown up with rivers playing multiple roles in their lives, as they played and bathed in them, lived off them, fed off them. Only to grow old and find that the same river is a giant void with water that can barely contain a pond.


Human intervention not tempered by conscience and prudence causes serious pollution and drying up of rivers. Bangladesh has lost about 18,000 km river routes in the past four decades. The country has 24,000km of rivers and streams and currently navigable waterways vary between 8,372 km during monsoon to less than 4,000 km during dry season. Most of the haats, bazaars and business centres in the country are still seen besides rivers. Towns and cities were established and grew up alongside or near rivers as boats and ships were the only means of transport before motor vehicles and trains came to the scene.


Even now in the 21st century, rivers are still a major means of livelihood and survival for human beings and animals. Rivers still play an integral part in the national economy, as well as in the lives of people for various activities and will continue to do so, only if they are allowed to live.

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