Restaurant Review – Café Droom

Wafiur Rahman
Wednesday, March 1st, 2017


Dhanmondi’s coziest café expands into Banani, without compromising on taste


As I frequented Café Droom at Dhanmondi 9/A, it used to amaze me to see that this place witnessed a dull time. Thanks to immaculate service (albeit slow) and good food, Café Droom has now seen the light of day in Banani road no. 11. For those who want a decent menu with not too many varieties to choose from, this place does not disappoint. They do not claim anything outrageous, and that I believe works in their favour.


Décor, Ambience and Service


With wooden décor and a chic setting, you get a feeling that you are right at home. The hospitable staff always makes sure that you do not linger on boredom while waiting for your food. The hygiene factor is also well-maintained by the owners, and we are all thankful for that. I have not visited a restaurant as of late that has not been contaminated with floor dirt or sweaty hand prints on glasses. With lounge music or Buddha Bar playing in the background for most of the time, it does give respite to gastronomers who may have been tired of Bollywood hits or classics. With environment-friendly utensils and architecture, they imbibe green sustainability throughout their café, something that I find absent in most restaurants these days.




I had ordered a Thai soup (institutional classic in Dhaka city, if chefs can perfect this then they do not belong at a Bangladeshi restaurant kitchen), Chicken Reshmi Kabab and a Beef Rib Eye Steak. Starting off with the Thai soup, it does not disappoint. Generous on chillies, it does give you that tangy zing which you have been familiar with all throughout your lives. The prawns and the shredded meat were good in potions and succulent.


The two main dishes took some time in serving, but it was worth the wait. Chicken Reshmi Kabab was served with Garlic Naan, Local style mixed salad and a shot glass worth of thick garlic sauce. The garlic sauce complemented the juicy kababs all the way, I had to resort to second offerings. The Naans were equally fragrant and soft.


The Rib Eye Steak was disappointing in its potion, but that was due to the wide plating that it sat upon. They did the medium-rare grilling quite well, ensuring that a fair amount of juicy and tender meat fell off the steak knife. The vegetables on the side were well-seasoned and fresh, it was accompanied with mashed potatoes. This was disappointing as the amount of milk needed for the smooth consistency was absent, but the salt and pepper seasoning made sure that it did not taste like local mashed potatoes, or a bhorta as everyone would call it.




Overall I was pleased with the service of the staff, the clean décor and the delicious items. Apart from minute details, Café Droom well deserves their expansion and can hopefully experience success in the times to come.

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