Ranjit Das, a keen observer of society and love creativity

Takir Hossain
Wednesday, March 15th, 2017


Solo exhibition at Galleri Kaya


Ranjit Das is among the group of painters known for reflecting the dilemmas in the context of changing and traditional Bangladeshi societies. Distinguished for his distinctive figurative style and incisive observations of the society where he finds subjects to limn. The artist has been playing a vital role to enhance the contemporary and cerebral approach to modern Bangladeshi art for a long time. It can be unquestionably stated that he is one of the most versatile Bangladeshi painters, equally adept in portraits, landscapes, visual rendering of socio-political and economic issues and other topics of the society.


For his unique characteristic, Ranjit has gone through various phases of experimentation and each process visualises an idiosyncratic artistic view. It can be purely called an intense journey through experimentation. He is constantly looking for new theme but the producing works has a superb correlation between each and other which is very much obvious in his paintings. At the exhibition, it has been very noticeable that his use of colours is more vibrant and lively from his previous works. Ranjit used bright colours long time ago and again he has started to paint vibrantly for satisfying his creative instinct. His painting methods, particularly the use of colours, have a profound influence and a logical explanation for his thinking process which is very much connected to our society.


It has been deeply detected that Ranjit’s figures articulate many moods where melancholy, bliss, rage, sympathetic and unstable emotional state are frequently immersed. He has always an attempt to provide an emotional delineation in his paintings and he wants to produce paintings that not only describe how we look physically but also capture mental, emotional and spiritual states. Previously he brought many animal forms with figural expression that conveys many symbolic expressions. It has also been observed that the painter’s figurative works have a touch of realism but few of them have a bit of a distorted look. Some of his paintings carry a number of figures simultaneously which engage with diverse moods. Shadowy figures, hazy visages, birds and many realistically drawn objects also have been placed in different parts of the canvas. He also frequently searches the boundaries of expressions with diverse geometric and architectural shapes.


Ranjit has done a number of still life for the exhibition, which a pictorial representation of inanimate objects. His paintings are very gripping in terms of the still-life stylistic techniques. For portraying still-life, Ranjit not only paints objects, he also gives an experimental look to his paintings. He meticulously paints the objects but the backdrops of the paintings carry amorphous forms and his hallmarked motifs. He paints bottles of alcohol, apples, old shoes, brush, colour tubes, pots, earthen pots and more. Naturally the objects have a realistic touch but his experimental trait is also very much evident.

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