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Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

How GM HOLDINGS LTD’s focus on interior design is setting them miles apart from competition


When we witness someone who tends to construct a house from scratch, it does become apparent that it is a difficult task to look after everything by themselves. Be it the construction progress, communicating with the architect, the interior designers or even matching the furnitures accordingly – the pressure of dealing with vendors, workers and all others involved in building a house can get to you after a while. But what if there was an entity which could accommodate all those elements under one roof? Fear no more. GM HOLDINGS LTD has come up with a one-stop solution for all those seeking a credible name who offers quality services and products in this regard.


Their first foray into this venture is GM Properties, which was founded in 2004 but was never into commercial real estate, only until last year as GM HOLDINGS LTD. For those who may not know, GM HOLDINGS LTD has been staunchly into real estate, but they were never commercial and none of their projects were ever up for sale. But their footprint in the industry is nothing short of legendary – they own Dhanmondi-27’s RAPA PLAZA and several other ventures, which instantly lands them goodwill and credibility.


“Under the newly-christened GM Holdings Ltd, we are all for commercial real estate, with ten ongoing projects under construction,” said Tabassum Mostafa, Managing Director of GM Holdings Ltd, “which includes 3 mega condominium projects”. The daughter of Mr. Golam Mostafa, Chairman of Deshbandhu Group, she also added that they are all in prime locations in Dhaka and across the country, including Rangpur, Bogra, etc. “We offer topnotch premium, as well as affordable products for our customers”.


She also helms two other entities related to real estate, the first of which is TM STUDIO, an interior design and decoration firm. “As we all know, interior designing is a big issue when constructing a house, as dealing with a relevant vendor and coordinating with them does become difficult after a certain period of time. To ease this dilemma and ensure customer satisfaction, we came up with TM Studio, which offers quality designs at an affordable price.”


Tabassum Mostafa also added that the studio consists of an experienced and creative designer team, who have been handpicked individually for specific responsibilities, with proven track records and have previously delivered efficient designs to clients, which are chic and at the same time intelligently-themed designs.


The second entity was to offer quality furniture, which matches with the interior design of the building. “This finally became our recent venture into commercial real estate, known as TM COUTURE,” said MKA Shahinoor Rahman, Chief Operating Officer at GM Holdings Ltd, “the demand for furniture was always there, but never quite matched with the buildings’ interiors. Hence we started to both produce furniture locally and import some from China, Malaysia, Italy, France, etc – on our own. Our imported furniture is handpicked to ensure that quality is maintained at all times.”


The feedback regarding the work done by these 3 entities have been good so far, which has already boosted the brand image of GM HOLDINGS LTD and Deshbandhu Group, Shahinoor commented. “As for our future plans, we see ourselves in the top 3 positions within the next 3 years. Although the broad range of our work is based in urban areas, we want to extend our nationwide coverage, which will only go on to enhance GM HOLDINGS LTD and Deshbandhu Group’s pre-existing goodwill among all our stakeholders.”

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