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Priyanka performs Subir Nandi’s songs for the first time


Priyanka Gope has always considered late veteran Subir Nandi as one of her foremost mentors. But she never got the chance to sing his songs. Finally that chance came on July 29. Priyanka performed some of the popular songs of Subir Nandi at a musical soiree held at Chhayanaut Auditorium, Dhanmondi in the city. Priyanka is a famous Nazrul exponent and artiste; but she sang the modern songs of Subir Nandi at the soiree, which was part of a memorial programme for Subir Nandi. The event was organised by Bengal Foundation.

The regular musical programme titled 'Gaaner Jhorna Tolay' was planned for two days. On the first day, there was a musical soiree remembering Subir Nandi titled 'Praner Khela'. Priyanka Gope performed two songs of her own besides Subir Nandi's songs on the occasion. Two promising artistes---Zarif Ikram and Aishwarya Samaddar also performed at the memorial evening.

At the first part of the programme, a documentary on Subir Nandi was screened. The documentary is based on his life, works and immense contributions to cultural arena in our country. Nandi's wife Purabi Nandi, daughter Falguni Nandi and renowned artistes of the country were present on the occasion. While remembering her father Purabi said, "Many organisations are doing programmes for paying gratitude to my father. It is a great honour for us. It is really hard for us to believe that he passed away. He was so humble and professional about his career. He has amused the listener through his unique voice and projection."

The soiree began with Nazrul's song. Then Priyanka performed the songs titled 'Ki Jey Betha Buke', 'Ghumiye Ache Shanto Hoye', 'Uchaton Mon', 'Dip Nibhiye Jhore', 'Rumjhum Rumjhum' of late Subir Nandi.

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  • Priyanka performs Subir Nandi’s songs for the first time
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