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Dulal Gain’s adoration for cave painting


From the inception of his career, Dulal Chandrow Gain has been greatly influenced by Cave Painting. Cave paintings are paintings on cave walls and ceilings, and the term is used especially for those dating back to prehistoric times. The recurrent subjects of his paintings are large wild animals, such as bison, aurochs, deer, horse and varied etched animal forms as well as traces of human hands, amorphous forms, patterns of traditional dolls etc. His paintings feature a mingling of yellow, white and black hues. Drawings of humans are rare in his paintings and are usually schematic as opposed to the more detailed and naturalistic images of animal forms. He upholds a balance between the beastly form and his setting -- a balance that explains a sense of desperation. The subjects of his works are in solemn mood and lighting is a prominent focus of his works. The artist generally prefers incandescent light and mystifying setting.

Over the last few years, Dulal Gain has been constantly trying to give a new language and fresh shape to his paintings. When we closely observe Gain’s paintings, we can easily recognize their affinities with the elements of cave paintings – rich textured, subdued colours with various traditional and unfamiliar forms. He likes to play with various aspects of animal forms and formless structures. He tries to ensure an intense combination between colours and forms.

Dulal’s individuality lies in his freedom of action; in the spontaneous movements in which the thick brushstrokes are applied in yellowish, whitish and bright colours, giving shape to various broken and amorphous forms. His works show the world the way he sees it, and manifest the essence of the things he has seen. His paintings are also mirror of his mind frame. His lines signify the modern mode of expression. His expression features varied structures, round shapes, doodle forms, symbols and lines that appear to be taking over the canvas. Geometric (tiny) structures and architectural views also give a new perspective to his works. Adjoining columns, walls and ruined walls are recurring objects in many of his works. Some of his paintings clearly highlight pure composition. The compositions convey his fondness for translucent lines and tiny forms.

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  • Dulal Gain’s adoration for cave painting

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