Nazrul exponent Sudhin Das no more

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Thursday, July 6th, 2017


Prominent Nazrul exponent Sudhin Das passed away at a hospital in the city on June 27. He was 87. He left behind his wife singer Nilima Das and only daughter.


Sudhin Das was awarded Ekushey Padak by the Government of Bangladesh. He started his learning career as a student of Sangeet Shikhharthee Sammilan in Comilla. This music school was established by his elder brother Pandit Suren Das during 1942. Neelima Das also took lessons in classical music from Pandit Surendra Narayan Das, elder brother of Sudhin Das.


Sudhin was also his disciple. Afraid of Suren’s solemn personality, many of his students including Neelima approached his younger brother to explain some difficult lessons. Neelima showed a clear fondness of the songs, which are known as Nazrul Sangeet, modern Song. Sudhin was enlisted in Radio Pakistan when he was a college student in 1948. Neelima first performed in Bangladesh Betar in 1952, after finishing school.


After finishing his learning Das moves to Dhaka and joined as a member of the Nazrul Sangeet Promanikoron Board at Nazrul Institute since 1985. He teaches Nazrul Sangeet to the young artistes of the institute.  25 among the 31 books on the original notations of Nazrul Sangeet are by Sudhin Das (published both from Nazrul Academy and Nazrul Institute). The 29th and 31st parts are done by Neelima Das. It is Das’ views that, nowadays, many don’t know who Neelima is but she is one of the most talented artistes in the country during 1950s-70s. In the ’50s, people knew her better than me as an artiste.

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