Masks and visages show at Galleri Kaya

Cultural Correspondent
Wednesday, April 19th, 2017


Under the title “Mukh O Mukhosh-7”, an exclusive group art exhibition featuring the works of nineteenth contemporary artists is now on at Galleri Kaya, Uttara in the city.


Eminent economist Dr Debapriya Bhattacharya inaugurated the exhibition. Rezaul Amin, chief commercial officer of Galaxy Bangladesh also graced the inaugural ceremony.


Participating artists are Abdur Rahim, Aloptogin Tushar, Amit Kuch, Debashish Pal, Debdas Malakar, Goutam Chakraborty, Hamiduzzaman Khan, Kamaluddin, Mohammad Iqbal, Namirah Farzana, Pintu Chandra Deb, Rajaul Islam Lovelu, Ranjit Das, Sabuj Das, Saidul Haque Juise, Sandip Kumer Debnath, Shabin Shariar, Shahanoor Mamun and Shishir Bhattacharjee.


A selection of 95 works done through wood, terracotta, paper and pigment, stainless steel, charcoal, watercolor, ink on paper, acrylic on canvas, oil and mixed medium were on display at the exhibition. The exhibition was unique and distinct because of its new themes, techniques and mediums. The exhibition on masks and visages carry the personal hallmarks and creative perspective of the artists.


At the exhibition, some masks and visages seem to be primitive, tribal, modern, ancient African, Asiatic, sometimes alien and very familiar to our history and literary arena. The masks and visages both feature diverse people from different localities. The faces are not identical and each face expresses a unique explanation and look. The face is the most significant part of the human body and it can express the language of the mind vividly. The facial expressions are superb and impressive. Some works denote longing, yearning, feeling, pain, happiness and the success of human beings. Some works appear as realistic, semi-realistic and semi-abstract. At times a number of faces give us an imposing and romantic view. Sensual colours and remarkable techniques have also given a different look to some works at the exposition.


The exhibition, sponsored by ADN Group, ended on April 18.

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