Liberation War 1971, Bangladesh

MRK Palash
Thursday, March 29th, 2012

After 41 years of Liberation war of Bangladesh, we recall the memories of the people, those who sacrificed their lives for the country and also for those who were tortured and went through physical violence.


When I was 10 years old, I heard stories of the Liberation war from my relatives .As my father was a Freedom Fighter, people from different places used to visit him and request him to narrate the stories of war. The stories were so touchy, that it had a serious impact on me. In my leisure time I used to portray the picture of the war in my mind. I wished that I would also contribute something for my country during the war. During the starting of my photojournalism, I had a dream to make a book on the photo story of liberation war which I realized through this work.


The new generation of our time does not know the history and life during the war. By the photo story based on the war, it is my aim to let the young youths know about our past. To do this I recreated the struggles of 1971 through my lenses.

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