Largest Liberation War-based sculpture to be inaugurated soon

Courier Correspondent
Wednesday, April 12th, 2017


An ideal imagery of our War of Liberation in 1971 would be if a freedom fighter was hurling a grenade at the Pakistan armed forces, while a female comrade would march forward with a rifle, motivated by her mates behind her.


That visual is slowly turning into a reality, as the largest Liberation War-based sculpture, titled “Bir”, will soon by inaugurated for public display after three months of intense labour. The artwork, at an awe-inspiring height of 53ft and its dimension being 40 by 62ft, it is also one of the eight beautification projects currently ongoing near the Kuril-Airport route, with each of them representing the symbolic structures of our country.


“Bir” is located next to Nikunja-1 housing gate. Given its proximity to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, those inside planes taking off and landing will be able to see this monument from any distance. It has been sponsored and designed by Vinyl World, whose CEO Abed Mansur told Dhaka Courier that Road Transport and Bridges minister Obaidul Quader will inaugurate it very soon.


Contrary to popular belief, the work is not from the brains of any eminent architect, but rather by a group of soon-to-graduate students of Dhaka University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, led by Hazzaz Kaisar. He was assisted by Vinyl World’s civil engineering team and overseen by Sabir Sarwar Upal.


“A monument at Rangamati Cantonment was the erstwhile largest Liberation War-based monument at 50, which will be overtaken by Bir,” Kaisar told Dhaka Courier. “As long as the airport will be present, no high rise buildings will be built around it, so everyone can view Bir from great distances.”


He also added that the name was taken from the popular 1971 slogan “Bir Bangali Ostro Dhoro, Bangladesh Shadhin Koro.” The ones at the back in the monument will be hoisting an erstwhile-Bangladeshi map, which contains the map of Bangladesh in the centre.


Abed Mansur also said that this is will be first sculpture which will be surrounded by two layers of fountains, with each containing a hundred nozzles.


Structured in iron, cement, antique bronze and other elements, Kaisar said that there is no way the sculpture will fall down, even after 100 years.

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