Kanthashilon’s new drama Jadur Latim

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Wednesday, August 30th, 2017


A new stage-drama titled “Jadur Latim” was staged at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy on August 25. Thespian Ataur Rahman officially launched the premier at the National Theatre Hall of Shilpakala Academy. This is the latest production by Kanthashilon. The drama has been directed by Golam Sarwar, principal of Kanthashilon. On August 26 the next day after the premier show, the drama will get its second performance at the same place and same time. At the premier show Golam Kuddus, president of Sammilita Sanskritik Jote and Akhtaruzzaman, secretary general of Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation will be present. Jadur Latim is an allegorical-social drama running for one and a half hour.


Jadur Latim is based on Egyptian Nobel Laureate Naguib Mahfouz’s adaptation of the medieval story collection-“The Arabian Nights.” Naguib Mahfouz named his adapted novel “Arabian Nights and Days.” Rafik Hariri of Kanthashilon has translated selected excerpts from the novel to suit Bangladeshi theatre. Though the plot is primarily built on Arab mythological lores the drama draws parallels with prevailing world affairs employing both fantasy and realism.


The story tells about two nefarious jinns or extra-terrestial beings named Ifrid and Kufrid. These two according to old Arab folk literature can take control of a human’s nerves inciting them to wreak anarchy which they otherwise might avoid doing. The two fuel up existing suspecting and disbelieving natures of men to make them do heinous acts like- misinterpretation of religion and ethics. These acts result in widespread anarchy including the murders and deaths of businessmen, governors and more.


The drama’s crew has Rafik Hariri and Mir Barakat for lyrics, Foyez Jahir in stage, lights and wardrobe planning, Shishir Rahman in music composition. The cast includes Rais-ul-Islam, Mostofa Kamal, AKM Shahidullah Kaiser, Sohel Rana, Salam Khokon, Ananya Goswami and more.

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