Istanbul Restaurant serving Turkish delicacies

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Wednesday, April 19th, 2017


Istanbul Restaurant in Gulshan lives up to its name. As you enter the restaurant you’ll notice that the stone- walled ornate motifs Turkish interior is decorated with blue embellishments and reminiscent of traditional decor. Brilliant lights and a delightful fountain welcome visitors at the entrance.


The restaurant is divided into three parts, each part with a different name representing a feature of Turkey. On the first floor arc Sultanahmet Convention Hall and Bosphorus Hall, with Beylerbeyi Salon on the ground floor. There are also on-going plans to have an extension to the second floor.


While the restaurant is endearing during the day, it really comes to life after dusk. SultanahmetHall at night is a beautiful space, ideal for a night out with family or friends. There are hundreds of tiny shimmering blue lights scattered across the ceiling that come to life in the evening, like stars adorning the night sky.


Bosphorus Hall, named after the renowned waterway in Turkey, has a wall running across it depicting the riverside and cit as seen from the towers near the Bosphorus River. The interior of this part of the restaurant is more informal with wooden chairs, tables with simple, white table cloth and a chandelier hanging low. The restaurant authority commented this particular dining hall with its friendly and relaxed atmosphere has been designed so that those dining here feel like they really are eating in Istanbul. The third section, Beylerbeyi Salon, is cosy with woodwork adorning the floor and walls, resembling a beautiful, well-furnished Turkish inn.


The ambience and decor may transport you to Turkey but you won’t have experienced its culture without tasting Istanbul’s authentic Turkish delicacies. The menu runs the gamut of Turkish treats with appetizers like Humus (chickpea puree), IcliKofte, and nineteen different types of kebabs such as the IskendarKcbab, ctc. The head chef at Istanbul Restaurant’s is Turkish and has more than forty years of experience in the restaurant industry and is well-versed in Turkish haute cuisine. The scrumptious items listed on the menu are fine examples of gourmet Turkish cuisine.


The boat-shaped Turkish pizzas are quite different from the pizzas we are used to. While similar in taste to the Italian pizza, the use of certain different spices give it more of an Arabic flavour. The chef’s special pizza is Lahmajun, besides which the restaurant serves eight other types of Turkish Pizza for sampling.


When you are done with the appetizers and main course, there are traditional Turkish desserts on the menu like Baklava – a sweet and crispy treat. Istanbul Restaurant is one out of few restaurants in Bangladesh where Baklava is available. The restaurant also offers other delectable desserts such as Hosmerim, Sultec (Rice Pudding) and Kunefe.


The staff at Istanbul Restaurant believes that “taste brings people together.” In truth, the hospitable service, exotic food and ambience not only brings people together, it creates a harmony between two different cultures.

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